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What is a yellow Xanax round pill?

Yellow Bar” or “yellow Xanax” is mostly used for the medication of anxiety disorders. Doctors prescribe this yellow four-sided pill to provide immediate relief for people suffering from common symptoms of anxiety or tension. However, some recreational users may abuse the highly-addictive drug
Does yellow Xanax make you sleepy?
The Effects Of Yellow Xanax

This effect sedates the nervous system by suppressing neural hyperactivity, the cause of anxiety and panic. As a result, a person who uses a Xanax bar may feel relaxed and drowsy. In some cases, it will cause a person to fall asleep.

What is stronger alprazolam or Xanax?
In comparison, alprazolam is a faster acting drug and is about 10 times stronger, meaning that it can rapidly cause feelings of sedation. Like other benzodiazepines, alprazolam can cause problems when taken without medical supervision. In the short term, its misuse can cause over-sedation, collapsing and overdose
When should I take Xanax before an event?
Xanax is helpful for panic-inducing situations as it can be used as needed before an event. In the case of SAD, Xanax is more commonly prescribed for cognitive symptoms like worrying about performance or the judgment of others. Xanax can be taken about an hour before a performance event

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